Episode 4- Coming of Age

Gather Episode 4: Coming of Age. Click below to listen

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This episode was lots of fun to create, with voice messages from listeners on their favourite coming of age books, three wonderful guests- writer and content creator Rochi Zalani (based in India) graphic novelist and Stick Mob founder Declan Miller (based in Alice Springs/ Mparntwe) and our guest artist YA writer Leanne Hall (based in Melbourne) with her piece created for Things Found in Books called Faraway Faraway, an hilarious imagining of attending a 7 year Faraway Tree Reunion as teenagers. We also hear the electronic music of Floc, helping to capture the wild emotions of youth and transition.

Our book seed is the wonderful Brain Pickings and the work of Maria Popover. Thank you!

Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced in Ballarat on traditional Wadawurrung land and kind thanks to Creative Victoria for funding assistance. And stay tuned for more as we do some work to improve accessibility to the podcast with transcripts etc!

GIVEAWAY– We are giving away a copy of The Gaps by Leanne Hall– share a pic of you and your favourite coming of age book, tag @minervasbooksandideas and go in the draw!

A couple of images left (Lucy Taylor) and below of our first Gather listening/zine making party at the Jade Walsh Art Shop with live performance from Tom and Freya McGowan. And a recent review- thank you! If you love the show and have something to say about it, reviews are a great way to support us.

As always we’d love to hear from you so feel free to drop us a line! minervasbooksballarat@gmail.com or on social media at @minervasbooksandideas or @amytinderbox

Next up is the theme of Adaptation. See you then!

Fairytales Listening Party and Zine Making July 2021
Gather review

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