Gather Episode 5- Adaptation

Gather Episode 5: Adaptation
Gather Episode 5: Adaptation

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We’ve found our way to the second last, the penultimate episode of Gather Season 1 and it’s another wonderful gathering of people, art and ideas. The theme of adaptation is something we’ve all become very familiar with thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic- twisting, turning, pivoting, learning things anew, and its explored here through books, music, theatre, filmmaking and more.

We chat to theatre maker Christine Davey and musician Gelareh Pour and with thanks to Creative Victoria and Arts Access Victoria we are currently working on improving access to the podcast and as part of this episode we proudly did our first video interview with Auslan, English and captions, chatting to the wonderful Ramas McRae– check it all out by clicking the image below.

Ramas McRae and Amy on zoom interview
Ramas McRae and Amy on zoom interview

Please note that by December we will have all episodes transcribed and available, along with a commissioned film by Ramas welcoming people to Gather in Auslan, exiting!

Our book seeds for this episode are Fiona Murphy’s The Shape of Sound, Odette Kelada’s Drawing Sybylla, and Melody Moezzi’s The Rumi Prescription

A shout out to Ballarat Libraries where all these books are from and where I work casually, and where or course we have been adapting to going in and out of lockdowns- and while stressful has brought us all joy to see the popularity of books and gratitude of people we have been able to help. And for more book love, for our Indie Book feature this epoisode we visited The Independent Bookstore: “an exclusive outlet chain for Shawline Publishing Group and other selected small publishing houses, The Independent Bookstore is designed around only selling and promoting independently published books by Australian and New Zealand authors that are difficult to find anywhere else or simply not available in other bookstores.” 


Music and audio featured 

Here’s to Hoping by Amy Tsilemanis and Julian Potter

Fiona Murphy reading from her book The Shape of Sound courtesy of Westwords, ‘dedicated to celebrating and championing the stories of the people, places and cultures that comprise the heart of Western Sydney.’

My Brilliant Career adapted by Christine Davey, radio play produced by Greater Geelong Creative Inc

To Fall in Love in Winter, Only to Die before Summer’s End produced for this episode by Gelareh Pour with Brian O’Dwyer 

Translated poem she uses in the song by Seyyed Ali Salehi (Iran)

Why can I not remember?

I think you have something to say.

No dark night ever kissed your eyes.

Falling in love in winter,

Only to die before summer’s end.

Persian poetry by Seyyed Ali Salehi
Persian poetry by Seyyed Ali Salehi
Persian poetry by Seyyed Ali Salehi
Persian poetry by Seyyed Ali Salehi

Gelareh Pour’s Garden Quartet

I am an Ocean 

Ala Tee Tee

Before you Go

Other things to check out:

Ramas McRae film projects-

Dry Fire

The Precious Treasure

Fiona Murphy on The First Time podcast

Accessibility resources

Erin Kyan (Passer Vulpes Productions) at Audiocraft

“Erin Kyan shares language, tools and knowledge so you can take your thinking about podcast accessibility beyond just transcripts, and make your production more accessible, both in front of and behind the mic.”

Toolkit Fiona Murphy created with Arts Access and Writers Victoria

In Common Projects, a podcast working with Auslan Stage Left

To support the show you can make one off or recurring donations, or support through buying Amy’s collages or books through Minerva’s!

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